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All-Star Tournies

tbham posted Jan 17, 15
Congrats to [CTsix]Babypuncher and [TeamUR]Doc for winning their respective all-star tournies.

[Allin]Jayro and [TeamUR]Roxas were the runners up.

Thanks for those who cast and showed up to play. Went pretty smoothly and I'm pretty happy with the numbers who showed up for the BSG tourny especially!

All-Star tournies are tomorrow (Sunday, Jan 18th) starting at 2 pm EST. Going away from previous seasons, you will be required to "check-in" with me prior to the tournament starting. All this will require is that you are in the appropriate chat channel in SC2 at least 5 minutes prior to the tournament starting. Check-ins will be signified simply by me marking your sign-up with a green background on the sign-up sheet.

If for some reason it's an issue for you to be there then and you can't show up until literally 2 pm EST, message me now so I can make a note of it.

Sign-ups will be closed off tonight when I get home (~8 hours from this post).

Chat channels:


Streaming is free for all. I have no plans to stream as my computer has overheated the last three times I've attempted streaming. Players may ask not to be streamed or cast by anyone for any reason and any streamer needs to respect their wishes. Finals may be reserved for specific streamers if I feel so inclined.
RamenNinja have the chat channels been created yet? I cant find them

Congrats to The Confederation for claiming first place for Season 8 with a 5-4 victory of All-Inspiration! Team UnRivaled claims 3rd with a 6-3 win over CTL Team Six

The cast VODs are being exported and processed now and I'll update the news post with those once it is finished.

Final Broadcast Full VoD

Consolation Full Broadcast VoD

While I was hoping to cut up the individual games for the final (and I did, you can see that all on twitch), the exports to Youtube are an abject disaster. 8 minute games were split into two different YouTube videos...it's ridiculous.

A final bracket is below, and congrats (I think) to Sinistar, Padula, and Polar for having the closest predictions. There were 12 people tied, but no one had ConFed winning! Those three had the closest final score (5-4) despite picking the wrong winner.

Be on the lookout for information regarding Season 9, the offseason all-star tournament, Onehpftw's CTsix Weekly Final, and all other community events! Thank you everyone for a wonderful season!

Stark Oddly fitting that we went back to our 5-4 roots for the finals Well played, and well deserved, Confed! ...
gdoggcasey Huge congrats to Confed for winning the championship this season! It takes major skill to beat the likes of All In and y ...
For those of you who enjoy blocking the calendar and upcoming events modules out of your field of view, the casts for the Consolation and Grand Final of Season 8 will be this Monday, back-to-back!

To start off, Polar and Datenstreber from Team UnRivaled Stark and I from All-In will cast the consolation match at 5:30 pm EST (2:30 pm PST, 10:30 pm GMT, 9 am Tuesday AEST).

Following this cast, Couchie from UnRivaled and Gdoggcasey from All-Inspiration will cast the Grand Final at 8:30 pm EST (5:30 pm PST, 1:30 am Tuesday GMT, 12:30 pm Tuesday AEST).

These casts will both be on the CTL Twitch Channel and observed by myself.

I will be posting a reddit thread on /r/starcraft Monday afternoon, so be on the lookout for that to discuss the CTL and promote the cast! I want twenty new members to register Monday night, let's make it happen.
Humidity Sounds great! I'll try my best to make it!

Check out the captain's interview done by MisterAA!

For those of you playing this week - Please select "Hide Match History" in the in-game lobby. Also make sure to play on the CTL Extension Mod. Keep any and all spoilers regarding the outcome a secret. This also means don't upload replays to the drive! Give them to your captain for them to send with the report Sunday night. An announcement about the Grand Final cast will come as soon as it's ironed out completely.

Polar love the idea of hiding the matches im so excited to see the cast!
couchie14 god I hope it comes down to a lando v sirrent ace match...would be quite epic
PSosa go go go Confed!

It's that time of year again! The Grand Finals for CTL Season 8 is now Set.

Grand Final

The Confederation vs Team All-Inspiration

The Confederation, in their first season of competition in the CTL enters the Grand Final against Team All-Inspiration. While All-In has been around the league for a few seasons now, this is their first appearance in the Grand Final. The 3rd place finishers from last season, All-In will look to continue their rise to the top of the CTL. This is also the first season since Season 1 that Team UnRivaled or CTL Team 6 have not been in the final.

ConFed defeated All-In in their regular season meeting back in Week 7 5-4. All-In fielded five brand new members that week and won't go down as easily in the final. In the same light, ConFed gave up three walkovers which surely won't occur in the final week.

Consolation Match

Team UnRivaled vs CTL Team 6

For the third season in a row, Team UnRivaled finds themselves just short of the Grand Final and in the consolation match. Last season, UR fell to All-In 5-4 in the third place match. In Season 6, UR fell to GnR 6-3. Will CT6 be the third team in a row to keep UnRivaled off the podium?

When UR and CT6 met in Week 3, UR came out on top 6-3. Rosters have changed and so have the maps and surely CT6 wants to be the third team in a row to keep UR in 4th place.

Updated Bracket

Semi-final Results

No one is perfect in the predictions, but 12 people are sitting at 6 correct. Only 4 of those can earn another point if All-In wins and no one who predicted selected ConFed to win it all ;)

Line-ups will be posted as they are received tomorrow.

sinistar_lives >no one who predicted selected ConFed to win it all dat underdog tho. who was last season's nostradamus and how are ...
Humidity I'm pretty sure newcomer ConFed taking on veteran All-in will go 5-4 either way.


Updated Bracket!

Semifinal Line-ups!


There are currently 15 people with perfect brackets in the prediction contest.


A note to anyone casting this week: DECLARE YOUR CAST EARLY. Put it on the calendar or ask me to put it on the calendar as soon as you know what time you'll be doing it. I believe Couchie has already dibsed Comp vs ConFed for some time Monday evening (8pm est?). Gdoggcasey and Teethbox will do All-In vs GnR sometime this week, probably Wednesday night. Look for these casts and tune in!


PSosa And this week, [AllIn]Operator (168 games) vs [CT6]Zavahl (12 games, EU+NA), let the mmr decay decide!
couchie14 Yep I am a lock for that time above
Polar Daten and I would be happy to cast CT6 vs Flare Gaming! Check us out thursday night!

QF Line-Ups

tbham posted Dec 1, 14
DrBoidzerg The lineups for ConFed vs Composite have been updated in Liquipedia for now: http://wiki.teamliquid.net/starcraft2/User: ...
PSosa RvZ on Xelnaga, let the cheese begin!
sinistar_lives i, for one, welcome our new allin overlords
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