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Line-Ups will come later. For now, here's the finalized bracket for the CTL Season 7 Playoffs.

Predict the Season 7 Playoffs!

Top score will receive site flair. For your bracket's title, please put your name and the map score for the Grand Final in case of a tie.

Week 7 Results:
Group A:
The Lucky 13 vs Guns & Roaches (7-2)
Formless Gaming vs CTL Team 6 EU (4-5)
Vortex e-Sports vs Team UnRivaled (6-2)
Alloy eSports vs All-Inspiration (4-5)

Group B:
CTL Team 6 vs Team Composite (5-4)
Unseen Gaming vs Prometheus Gaming (5-0)
Team Bear Sloths vs Rival Gaming (7-1)
Outset Gaming vs House of Renegades (3-2)
Doomshy Damn this bracket is fancy.

Week 7 Line-ups:
Week 6 Results
Group A:
The Lucky 13 vs Formless Gaming (5-4)
Guns and Roaches vs Vortex e-Sports (7-2)
Alloy eSportsvs CTL Team 6 EU (2-6)
All-Inspiration vs Team UnRivaled (5-4)

Group B:
CTL Team 6vs Unseen Gaming (4-5)
Team Composite vs Team Bear Sloths (5-4)
Outset Gaming vs Prometheus Gaming (5-0)
House of Renegades vs Rival Gaming (4-4)

With this week's results, Group B's playoff teams have been decided. Team Composite, Unseen Gaming, CTL Team 6, and Rival Gaming will represent Group B for the Season 7 playoffs.

The Lucky 13 also clinched a spot in the playoffs from Group A with their win over Formless Gaming.

All-Inspiration, Guns and Roaches, CTL Team 6 EU, and Formless Gaming are fighting for the final two spots in Group A.

Tuesday, at 7 pm EDT, there will be another CTL Talk show where we'll discuss playoff implications and scenarios, the season in review, and other topics. Make sure to tune in to the CTL Twitch and watch Tuesday night! If you've got topics you'd like to see discussed, post them as a comment on this news post.
Vespasian Possible topics: 1. UR's continued dominance (talk about the difference between team philosophies?) 2. L13's run at def ...
PSosa Group A so tied, every match count
BeoMulf I may be slightly biased here, but how about the resurgence or surgence of teams that didn't exist/didn't do that great ...
All-In/GnR is the only match not final from Week 5.

Week 6 Line-ups:
Group A:
The Lucky 13 vs Vortex e-Sports (5-2)
Guns and Roaches vs All-Inspiration (4-5)
Formless Gaming vs Alloy eSports (7-2)
Team UnRivaled vs CTL Team 6 EU (5-4)

Group B:
CTL Team 6 vs Team Bear Sloths (6-3)
Team Composite vs House of Renegades (7-2)
Unseen Gaming vs Outset Gaming (5-4)
Rival Gaming vs Prometheus Gaming (5-0)

With their win over CTL Team 6 EU, Team UnRivaled clenches a spot in the Season 7 Playoffs.
Alloy eSports has been eliminated from playoff contention.
PSosa I think we won 5-4, will remind my captain to post it
TwoFx (Euler) I have been incorrectly marked as Terran in the Rival lineup. I am actually Protoss.
MattTheKat In the Comp/BS Ace, Fathra's name is spelled wrong. =)

Prometheus Gaming has withdrawn from CTL. The team suffered a series of defeats due to walkovers because players were not scheduling and showing up for matches. Ultimately, its captain decided that the team could not complete the season. The situation is unfortunate, and it presented the Admins with the question of how to handle the forthcoming bye weeks and the overall effect on league standings.

We have determined that the best way to move forward is to grant 5-0 walkover wins to every team scheduled to play against Prometheus. That includes retroactively changing the map score for teams that have already played Prometheus. We chose the number 5 because Prometheus's opponents this season defeated that team by scoring an average of 5.5 map wins. The universal 5-0 bye wins will cancel out. It will be as if Prometheus Gaming never existed as far as CTL is concerned. 
Masktchi Losses to walkovers are the worst. Sorry Prometheus. :\ ...
PSosa Damn, i wanted to face that guy masters, he is 5-0 so far
Cobaltt I liked their logo... ...
Casting in Season 7:

So far, casting this season has been relatively non-existent. I'm glad some people have stepped up to cast so far, but there have been a similar number of people who have signed up for casts and simply not done them. While I had no belief that all 56 matches this season would be cast, I had hoped more than the five so far would have been done.

I'd like to again take a moment to point you to the casting spreadsheet found here If you are not 'assigned' a match, feel free to do the match you have requested or any other match available. If someone else has requested a match, obviously choose another.

Please also note the casting resources available. At the least, please familiarize yourself with the CTL In-Game interface. It is a nice addition and adds a bit of professionalism to your stream when you cast. If you already use Gameheart, feel free to continue doing so. :) 

The match-up of the week for Week 3 is Team Composite vs Unseen Gaming. If you are interested in casting this on the CTL twitch, please contact me.

Site Plan Renewal:

Also, I have posted a thread detailing the upcoming renewal needs for the website. Please take a look and consider donating if you would like.
Redentor Can I be of assist?
SVP.Danimal So if there are matches from the first few weeks that haven't been cast, are we okay to cast them, even if it's one that ...
temlaa ehm juat a fast question here. As far as i am aware the week 1 match CTsix eu vs Lucky 13 was "claimend by padula, ...
Week 4 Lineups:

Week 3 Results:

Group A:
The Lucky 13 vs All-in (7-2)
Guns n' Roaches vs Formless Gaming (8-1)
Vortex e-Sports vs CTL Team 6 EU (2-7)
Alloy e-Sports vs Team UnRivaled (2-7)

Group B:
CTL Team 6 NA vs House of Renegades (6-3)
Team Composite vs Unseen Gaming (4-5)
Team Bear Sloths vs Prometheus Gaming (6-3)
Outset Gaming vs Rival Gaming (2-5)
Exothermic http://i.imgur.com/qCK70qF.jpg There appears to be a problem. Not all the names are showing in their entirety. Not a hug ...
Week 3 Line-Ups:

Line-Ups are Posted below.

Group A:
Team UnRivaled vs The Lucky 13 (5-4)
Guns & Roaches vs Alloy eSports (5-4)
Formless Gaming vs Vortex e-Sports (5-3)
All-Inspiration vs CTL Team 6 EU (5-4)

Group B:
CTL Team 6 vs Rival Gaming (6-3)
Team Composite vs Outset Gaming (5-4)
Unseen Gaming vs Team Bear Sloths (5-4)
House of Renegades vs Prometheus Gaming (8-1)
Meristematic Why is CT6NA in bigger font than everyone else? Admin favoritism right there.
PsyRex Just want to point out that it is Galaxy, and not Glaaxy ...
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