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Week 2 Line-Ups:

Line-Ups are Posted below. Take a look at the new rules regarding match-up contact and make sure you're keenly aware of the consequences of not contacting your opponent early!

Group A:
The Lucky 13 vs CTL Team 6 EU (6-3)
Team UnRivaled vs Guns and Roaches (7-1)
Formless Gaming vs All-Inspiration (5-4)
Vortex e-Sports vs Alloy eSports (6-3)

Group B:
CTL Team Six NA vs Prometheus Gaming (7-2)
Team Composite vs Rival Gaming (8-1)
Unseen Gaming vs House of Renegades (7-2)
Team Bear Sloths vs Outset gaming (7-2)
Metalcore All-in VS Formless will be casted this weekend. Keep an eye and ear out for word from your captains and the shoutbox
BeoMulf Any word on when Composite's matches are going to get casted? Nothing on the spreadsheet.

Season 7 of the CTL

Xilogh posted Jul 4, 14
To all members of the chobo team league!

I hereby announce the starting date of Season 7 to be...

14th of July

Captains, get your lineups send to choboteamleague@gmail.com before 13 July 23:59 pdt
Here are the divisions & match-ups for the first week

RoboBoogie Looks great! Really like the graphics. Although sadly, due to the width of the graphic, it's messing up the alignment of ...
Metalcore Loving the addition of the graphics this season so far.

Liquipedia Entries:

If you have VODs post them, please. Thanks everyone for making this relatively painless.

Upper Finals Playlist - (Game 5 is amazing)
Heat Thank you indeed, trombone guy !
Cobaltt My name is in the graphic! How exciting! Thanks again for the tourney tbham! ...
Sign-ups are officially closed for the CTL6 All-Star Tournament!

Rule Reminders:
  • Format
    • Single-Elimination
    • Best of 1 Until The Ro16
    • Best of 3 Ro16/Ro8
    • Best of 5 Semifinal
    • Best of 7 Final
  • Maps
    • Ladder Maps = Map Pool
    • Round start maps will be given - loser picks next map.
    • Maps cannot repeat in a series.
  • Start Time: 3 PM EDT, Saturday June 28th
    • Begin matches immediately when available.
    • For the first round, your opponent has 15 minutes to show. After that, walkover.
    • For ensuing rounds, your opponent has 10 minutes after the end of the last game of the previous series to show. After that, walkover.
    • Players can ask for breaks, but no longer than 5 minutes.
    • This tournament is to be completed on Saturday (unless postponement to Sunday is deemed necessary)
      • If you are unable to play for the entire time of the tournament, you will likely forfeit your spot, regardless of positioning in the bracket. The finals may be excepted from this.
  • Save all replays
  • If you have a Challonge account, you can self-report your match to the bracket system. (Challonge link will be posted later)
    • Otherwise, report matches to tbham.509
  • Live casting is welcome - please use a 2 minute delay.
    • Do not postpone matches for a possible cast
    • Finals for both levels may be reserved for specific casters on the CTL Twitch.
    • If you are interested in casting Saturday, please comment on this post.
  • All CTL Rules and By-Laws are to be followed for this tournament
    • Matches are played on the NA server.
    • 20 Matches Played for the Current Ladder Season
    • BM outside of manner-muling, dancing, etc. will not be tolerated.
      • Offensive GG's, harassment, ridicule, etc. will result in normal CTL punishments and removal from the tournament.

Bracket previews can be found on Liquipedia:
Lower Tournament
Upper Tournament

Be sure to be in the CTL Group Channel to begin. Separate channels will be made for the Upper and Lower brackets.

Lower Channel: CTLS6 AS Lower
Upper Channel: CTLS6 AS Upper

As always,

gdp GDP Hwaiting Metalcore. 2:13 pm EST. tick tock tick tock.
jonbozz tag MahaVishnu and I will be casting some games.
Metalcore allrighty, hopefully i wake up earlier enough to show up lol. Starts at 7am for me, GDP you lucky dog, you get an advant ...

Hail to the Champions!

DonJimbo posted Jun 10, 14

Congratulations to the players of The Lucky 13, who won the CTL season 6 grand finals 6-3 over CTL Team 6. This was only the second season in the league for The Lucky 13. Lucky 13's success perhaps defied common expectations in light of the team's last place finish in season 5. But it seems The Lucky 13 never doubted themselves. During the pre-season, the team challenged and defeated the four-time back-to-back CTL champions, Team Unrivaled, in an all-kill match. That was enough to put everyone on notice that The Lucky 13 was going to be a serious contender in season 6.

However, the Lucky 13 stumbled out of the gate, dropping two close 5-4 matches to StraTk Gaming and All-Inspiration. Those two losses left the team in the middle of the pack, well behind seemingly invincible CTL Team 6. But the season is 11 weeks long, and the Lucky 13 never lost again after week 3.

The second and third place teams, CTL Team 6 and Guns and Roaches, also deserve to be congratulated for an excellent season. Likewise, the fourth place team, Team Unrivaled, showed a remarkable second half of the season in which they climbed from almost last place to make the semi-finals, where they were narrowly defeated by The Lucky 13 in a 5-4 series.

CTL would like to thank everyone for making Season 6 a great experience. There have been a tremendous number of promotions -- some players have even been promoted from Silver or Gold all the way to Diamond. The rivalries and friendly competition between the teams is fun, but the real goal of the league is to provide a place for individual players to grow and improve. Judging by that metric, the league is a great success. Cheers to everyone, and here's looking forward to Season 7!

StudPuffin Lets do it again next season, boys!
RazGriz congrats L13 well deserved, better watch your backs for s7!
Metalcore L13 fighting!!! Awesome post DJ.

Forum etiquette

Xilogh posted Jun 10, 14
Hello fellow CTL members, 

It has come to our attention that the forum etiquette rules are often broken.
We would like to point out that from now on these rules will be more heavily enforced.

I encourage you all to give this a good read,

The admin team
Exothermic I'm with you, Metalcore, they seem to really be on top of things, and are super passionate about being admins. Time will ...
Metalcore I'm liking the look of this admin team. Look forward to a new season working with you guys. Should be a good one ...

Grand Finals

Antylamon posted May 26, 14
The Lucky 13 vs. CTL Team 6:

Team UnRivaled vs. Guns and Roaches:
BossTerran Holy shit guys, you always do this to me. ;( I'm not american, I'm true, north, strong, free and Canadian!!
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